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Tain’s Fan Corner

Welcome to my Game and Anime Fan Page! This page is dedicated to all of you fans who love games and anime. This page will (hopefully) feature fan-art and fan-fics of various games and anime. I am accepting pictures and stories from anyone who would like to add them to my site. If you would like to submit something to my site then email me. Please include a name or nickname you would like to use so I may give you credit for your drawing and/or story as well as what the drawing or story may be from (since I am not familiar with all of them). Thanks for visiting my site!

Final Fantasy VII



Rurouni Kenshin

Inu Yasha


All fan-art and fan-fics submitted to is the property of and their rightful owners. NO ONE may use these items unless you have the consent of the Webmaster or the consent of the artist/writer.

Original Artwork

This page is reserved for those of you who just draw for the hell of it. If you have any drawings or other type of artwork that you can proudly call your own then you can post it here on this page. Just email me your name or nickname and the picture and I shall post it on this page of my site. All pictures on this page will be listed by the artist since they are of no specific type. Thanks for visiting!